Colony Square Social Media + Community Coordinator


Overview of Job Description

The role of Colony Square’s Social Media & Community Coordinator will support and manage the property’s social media and digital marketing assets. Management includes but is not limited to:

  • Planning and goal setting
  • Directly report to Colony Square’s Marketing Manager
  • Brand storytelling and establishing a positive online community and reputation
  • Content and community management
  • Digital support and management as it relates to web, SEO, and property assets and technology

Duties and Responsibilities

In order to perform daily duties and responsibilities, the Colony Square Social Media + Community Coordinator must:

  • Create a social media and digital strategy
    • Develop and implement a social media and digital marketing plan(s)
    • Social networks are not just limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube
  • Brand storytelling and execution
    • Execute social media and digital marketing plan(s) and day-to-day initiatives
  • Identify target demographic
    • Research, identity and determine audience(s) we are speaking to and how our strategies will tailor to each audience
  • Set clear objectives
    • Identify challenges and set up defined, realistic goals
  • Visual Design and Digital Strategies
    • Ensure selection of graphics, imagery, and multi-media is compelling and that it educates, entertains, and aligns with brand standards and compliments overall marketing plan(s)
  • Solid content strategy
    • Create and publish of relevant, original, high-quality content and carefully tailor content to each medium(s) utilized
    • Oversee creative and design (e.g. landing pages, email headers, website, ads)
    • Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content, and plan specific timely campaigns
    • Create and manage a regular publishing schedule
    • Leverage the right tools to manage content
  • Promotion strategy
    • Design, create, execute and manage both an organic and paid social media plans
  • Engagement strategy
    • Develop plan on how we monitor/listen, respond, ask questions and engage audience(s) in addition to leveraging efforts with PR
  • Conversion strategy
    • Develop plan on how to scale social media marketing plan (e.g. increasing followership, engagement, impressions and reach)
    • Strategize on how to take social media marketing and traditional marketing plans to the next level
  • Measure & Analyze
    • Establish benchmarks and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
    • Ability to understand and interpret data and share what’s most important as it relates to overall strategies and goals
    • Determine how we take it to the next level based on data
    • Compile and deliver monthly and yearly reports highlighting objectives, initiatives, results, lessons learned/recommendations, and share what’s ahead
  • Manager On Duty:
    • Must be able to assist with shifts on various weekends at Colony Square.

The ideal candidate must demonstrate:

A superstar Social Media & Community Coordinator possesses the following skills and competencies to succeed and excel in their role:

  • Creative mindset
  • Excellent writing and language skills
  • Understands how content works in the digital space
  • Strategy planning
  • Tactics and execution
  • Community management experience
  • Optimizing content and technology
  • Maintain an understanding of the latest digital marketing, social media trends, design and business practices
  • Analytical skills
  • Leadership and communication skills


  • Practices superior time management
  • Experience sourcing and managing content development and publishing
  • Exhibits the ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to analytical side, able to demonstrate why their ideas are sound
  • Displays ability to effectively communicate information and ideas in written and video format
  • Great ability to identity potential negative or crisis and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues
  • Working knowledge of principles of website development as well as SEO including keyword research and Google Analytics
  • Team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide other team members when necessary
  • Exceeds at building and maintaining relationships with company, partner vendors, business tenants, industry leaders and influencers, residents and community
  • Be an advocate for the company in social media spaces, engaging in dialogues and answering questions where appropriate
  • Open to always be learning

Qualifications and Requirements

  • Majority of work time will be spent in an office environment, however, set up and during events, candidate should be able to meet the following physical requirements:
    • Able to lift up to 35 pounds
    • Standing up to 8 hours a day in an outdoor environment
    • Walking up to 8 hours a day
    • Stooping
    • Bending up to 4 hours a day
    • Working outdoors up to 8 hours a day
    • Ability to climb ladders and stairs
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