Engineer Level III


Overview of Job Description

The Engineer Level III at Colony Square is an energetic, seasoned engineer who can achieve and maintain and repair the mechanical, electrical, building automation system, plumbing, fire and life safety apparatus that relate to the up-keep of the building.

The Engineer Level III position reports to the Chief Engineer at Colony Square.  

Duties and Responsibilities

In order to perform daily duties and responsibilities, the Engineer Level III must:

  1. Able to master the level of Engineer Level I and II.
  2. Ensure the proper operation and maintenance of building HVAC/R, BMS, fire life safety, electrical and plumbing systems
  3. Complete all generated tenant requests work orders the same day before leaving the property.
  4. Perform all preventive maintenance work orders within the allocated time frame.
  5. Maintain a professional image while on property, even when not on the clock.
  6. Maintain work area in a professional looking manner.
  7. Keep Company issued hand tools in good working condition. Responsible for replacement of lost or damaged tools.
  8. Keep the Chief Engineer advised of the working condition of the building, status of construction and other project work.

The ideal candidate must demonstrate:

The Engineer Level III must have the ability to read mechanical, plumbing and electrical blue prints.  He/she will have related technical school experience or equivalent on the job training such that person has acquired the technical aptitude to successfully complete the responsibilities above with a minimum amount of supervision.  He/she must be prompt and a self-motivator who requires little supervision in order to complete tasks.  He/she must possess good communication and written skills to enable employee to successfully complete work orders and communicate with tenants.  He/she must be in adequate physical condition to perform safely the duties outlined above.  Position requires ability to move, set up and operate a high lift, as well as considerable amount of time spent on ladders, operating power tools, working with electrical circuits.  He/she must be willing to work overtime and weekend projects. 

Qualifications and Requirements

Outlined below are the basic skills required for this position:

  • Electrical
    • Working knowledge and ability to operate a switchgear, automatic transfer switch and generator.
    • Troubleshooting skill to identify and/or repair faulty electrical circuits
    • Ability to replace fuses and breakers safely
  • Plumbing
    • Able to repair pumps; packing, mechanical seals and bearings
    • Able to solder and braze copper lines as well weld PVC
    • Able to rebuild PRV’s and back flow pre-venters
  • HVAC/R
    • Knowledge of operating and repairing mechanical cooling systems; DX, TX, water source condensers, FCU, AHU, air and water cooled chillers, and water source heat pumps.
    • Knowledge or operation and repair of water tube boilers, heat exchangers and reheat coils
    • Knowledge of operating and repairing pneumatic and direct digital control
      • Install and calibrate pneumatic stats, controllers, relays, boosters, pilot positioner, PE, and velocity controllers
      • Install and calibrate DDC inputs and outputs; control boards using AC, DC and MA signals, transducers, contactors and relays

Compensation and Benefits

The Engineer Level III position will include an excellent benefit package that includes medical, dental, life, and 401(k).

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