Mobility Concierge

Colony Square - Atlanta

Overview of Job Description

The role of Mobility Concierge is to serve as the face of Colony Square in the area of “Clean Commuting” options. 


Duties and Responsibilities

In order to perform daily duties and responsibilities, the Mobility Concierge must:

Transit Pass Program Ordering Cycle:

  • Collect and submit orders for monthly MARTA Breeze Card for tenants of Colony Square.  This includes monthly confirmation for each tenant and billing.

Data Collection and Commuter Survey:

  • Conduct an annual survey of commuter habits to tracking commuter behavior and successes of the Mobility Concierge program.
  • Provide a monthly report on the services provided during the month with a recap of those impacted.

Tenant/Resident Presentations and Relationships:

    • Create a program beginning with face to face meetings with the decision makers of each tenant or with their human resource directors.
    • Provide monthly content or “news” piece for our internal digital platform.
    • Plan and execute community engagements as it relates to biking, commuting and related topics.
    • Develop a comprehensive presentation on the availability and ease of commute options. Share existing programs to help commuters explore options while addressing their typical concerns. Offer big           picture savings for companies who explore commuting options.
    • Assist in commute options for individuals and educate residents on savings by enjoying their walkable city and giving up their private vehicles.
    • Insuring ample property services to meet the needs of those who use alternative modes of transportation.(i.e. enough bike racks in convenient locations).
    • Provide maps of the closest MARTA stations and bus stops.
    • Maintain a presence across social media and respond to comments, questions, etc.

Outside Relationships:

    • The title “Mobility Concierge” is unique in the private sector, but counterparts exist or have existed at Atlanta institutions like Georgia Tech, Coca-Cola, NCR, and Emory University Hospital Midtown.        Networking with these individuals and outside entities to share best practices and challenges, as well as an opportunity to collaborate on citywide policies is required.
    • Colony Square’s Mobility Concierge will engage with city and state policymakers to advance transportation policies that will continue to expand and favor alternative options to Single Occupancy              Vehicle (SOV) commuting.
    • Investigate or create innovations that will improve commuting options, provide specific resources for the property, and cutting edge for Atlanta.

The ideal candidate must demonstrate:

• Outgoing personality who is at ease when meeting new people daily and can engage in meaningful conversation regarding commute options and ability to encourage change.
• Ability to create and maintain relationships with influencers in Atlanta as it relates to transportation, local laws and ordinances that affect the property and its commutability.
• Solid command on all aspects of Atlanta’s transportation networks including public transit and micro-mobility; and other options changing the urban transportation space.
• Analytical skills to measure and quantify successes in affecting change.
• Ability to navigate a corporate environment and sell options that benefit both employers and their employees in a variety of ways (i.e. financially, physically, emotionally, etc.)

Qualifications and Requirements

  • College degree preferred, but not required.
  • 2 - 3 years experience preferred.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and Excel.
  • Knowledge of Midtown, Downtown and Transportation.

Compensation and Benefits

The Mobility Concierge position at Colony Square will include an excellent benefit package that includes medical, dental, life, and 401(k). It will provide a competitive salary based on the candidate’s experience.

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