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What makes a place great? North American Properties believes that it all comes down to connections—people to each other; cities to their souls; partners to opportunities; and individuals to experiences that move them.


We believe that by fulfilling people’s desire for connectedness, we’re creating happier places and experiences that in turn become more successful environments, more vibrant communities and ultimately, a better world. Since 1954, we’ve balanced a well-capitalized approach and a keen focus on successful execution with a willingness to question conventional wisdom, reimagining and expanding the possibilities for more than $5 billion of assets across the US.


Whether developing multifamily, mixed-use, office, student housing, hotel or retail environments, we’re driven to deliver more valuable, meaningful real estate that transforms, inspires, delights and succeeds by connecting us all with what matters most.

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NAP has established relationships with the largest and most stable lenders in the industry - creating and fostering decades old partnerships for every product and every market. Since 2010, NAP has developed and financed over $1.5 billion, taking an equity position in each project.


The ability to co-invest and align our ownership interest with institutional capital, combined with execution and value creation makes us attractive to capital partners. 


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Developing a Better World