Chris Saah

Chief Information Officer
Rockville, Maryland
Joined NAP: 2011
Creating holistic solutions to solve business problems and empower teams.

Chris loves to work with people, re-engineer processes, and deploy technology in innovative ways that meets business needs. As Chief Information Officer, he oversees North American Properties’ IT team. Over the past six years, Chris has led NAP’s initiative to move virtually all our technology to the cloud in order to create a more agile and mobile workforce. His team has also re-engineered how IT is delivered and supported to create a “people first” environment focused on the needs of the team and the user-friendliness of the technology and support, which helps ensure the success of NAP associates and business partners.


Chris has over 20 years of experience in commercial real estate technology having held similar roles at Transwestern, Madison Marquette, and other companies. His focus has been on creating more responsive technology platforms and IT teams and facilitating mergers and acquisitions at both the technology and team level.


In addition to the real estate arena, Chris works with non-profits to help them leverage technology to accomplish their missions for effectively. As virtual CIO to the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless, he facilitated a “technology makeover” to give case workers the tools and mobility they need to care for the most vulnerable in the community.




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