Shannon Babb

Vice President—Business Operations
Atlanta, Georgia
Joined NAP: 2004
Making every day meaningful for our team and advancing NAP’s mission

Shannon Babb’s purpose is running "the business of the business" at NAP, serving as Vice President of Business Operations. While her purview includes management of IT and physical plant, her most important role is in human resources, where she serves as "culture cop" and "den mother." Taking on an ever-expanding role throughout her tenure, Shannon assures that Team NAP is happy, engaged and excited. She is dedicated to making sure that new potential NAP team members understand that here at NAP, "this isn't what we do, this is who we are." Since joining NAP in 2004, Shannon has consistently and continually contributed to the advancement of the company’s mission.

As NAP’s leadership role in the community has expanded, Shannon has supported efforts with Midtown Alliance, City of Refuge and Urban Land Institute. She is also responsible for maintaining liaison with elected officials in the communities NAP serves.

In Shannon's 20 years in the commercial real estate industry, she has served with Earl Furman and Associates in Greenville, SC and The Griffin Company in Atlanta. Shannon hails from Athens, Georgia and attended Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina.



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