Tanya DeGeorge

Director of Concierge Services, NAP Atlanta


Tanya DeGeorge joined NAP in 2018 after spending a year at The Hotel at Avalon’s opening team. She started as their Concierge Manager at Avalon, but is now the Director of Concierge Services and supports all Concierge programs within NAP. Her 10 years in the hospitality background has aided her with extensive experience in building relationships and exceeding guests’ experiences. Her attention to detail, thoughtful and inventive Black Card events and positive attitude continue to surprise and delight guests. She can frequently be heard saying, “You’re very welcome!”.

She was born in Moldova and moved to Georgia after being adopted when she was a toddler. She currently resides in Alpharetta with her husband, David, and two corgis, Groot and Myla. They have an ongoing list of travel spots they intend to hit, but their next short-term goal is to become homeowners with a huge backyard and to get a third dog!



Tanya DeGeorge, Director of Concierge Services

[email protected]

(770) 765-1000


2200 Avalon Boulevard Alpharetta, Georgia 30009