Kurt Heinbecker embraces a challenge.

Church of Celebration Metro
Senior Vice President of Construction

“It’s tremendous to watch people donate their time and efforts every week without thinking one thing about it.”

Kurt Heinbecker  ·  Senior Vice President of Construction at North American Properties

Kurt Heinbecker wakes up at 5:45 a.m. most Sundays, drives to the Church of Celebration Metro grounds in Prosper, Texas, hitches a trailer to his truck, drives it to a middle school in the nearby town of Aubrey, and helps unload and set up chairs, screens and the entire auditorium—all to transform a cafeteria into a place of worship. “It’s really quite an undertaking,” the NAP Senior VP of Construction admits. “But there’s a great group of people I work with that do it every week.”

What started with 12 families coming together for Bible study in one another’s homes a decade ago has grown into a congregation of more than 750 members. Kurt started attending Sunday morning worship at the middle school five years ago, and has been driving the truck and trailer ever since. That however, is about to change.

Recently he’s begun lending his time—and the talents he’s honed managing construction projects during his 25+ year career at NAP—to help the church build a permanent campus on a 29-acre piece of property in Prosper. “I've been consulting with the pastor, reviewing drawings, and trying to give him direction on the important things to watch out for; the bear traps,” he explains. “We recently put out a schematic design and rendering and just received approval from the city so we can move forward.”

He admits it's ‘crazy’ to work all week and then basically do his job on off-hours too, but Kurt is dedicated to helping grow his church’s community, and feels he’s just playing his part. Plus, he truly enjoys it. “I love doing what I do. Coming to work for me is part of my life. It’s in my DNA. And it’s just something that I can lend that will hopefully bring positive impact.”

Kurt is quick to downplay his individual contributions; he talks about other people’s roles in building the new church as much as his own: The parishioner whose father owns an HVAC company and is donating their resources. The civil engineer who’s volunteered to help with drawings. And of course all the others who get up every Sunday to turn a middle school into a house of worship. “There’s some of the guys in that original group of 12 families that are still doing it every week. But within two years, we’ll all be in the new building. And won’t have to get up at 5:45 on Sunday mornings anymore.”


Kurt Heinbecker

Senior Vice President of Construction
Dallas Office
Joined NAP: 1990

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