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“Through NAPCares, we’re building the future, community-focused.”

Mallori Ferguson  ·  Executive Assistant at North American Properties

When Executive Assistant Mallori Ferguson was going through the interview process with NAP, she had one pressing question: How is the company involved with the community? Fresh out of college (Mallori attended Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio), she had been heavily involved in philanthropy through her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, and was hoping to find a job that also provided an opportunity to give back. Suffice to say, she found it at NAP.

“I got the offer, I started the job and I quickly joined the NAPCares committee,” Mallori says. Three years later, when she’s not assisting Partner and CFO Donel Autin, she’s planning and leading events as one of the employees in charge of the program.

Through NAPCares, the Cincinnati office’s philanthropic arm, Mallori helps organize four community initiatives every year—from car washes and wine tastings to care packages and more—each supporting different local organizations. “Campaigns” as we call them. Indeed, these go beyond your traditional employee canned food drive; a week’s worth of activities are planned with multiple opportunities to donate and participate. Last year, for example, they orchestrated a week-long campaign in support of the Child Poverty Collaborative of Cincinnati through United Way of Greater Cincinnati, which included a chili cook-off, and a volunteer day to create snack packs for kids that fall within the poverty line. “People brought in juice boxes, granola bars, mixed fruit, etc. Our goal was to create at least 100 snack packs… and ended up with the makings for well over 750 snack packs, which we distributed to 5 different schools & organizations around the Cincinnati area,” Mallori says, her pride palpable as she speaks. “It was really heartwarming to see how many of my coworkers were willing to donate and give to the people in need.”


Mallori Ferguson

Executive Assistant
Cincinnati, Ohio
Joined NAP: 2015
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It’s a natural extension of the work NAP does day-to-day; “developing a better world” and is as much about fostering more vibrant communities and personal connections as it is the physical real estate where they take place. NAPCares allows NAP employees to do both—around all of Cincinnati and within their own walls. As Mallori explains: “Not only do we get the opportunity to help our community, but we also get to have a little fun and hang out with our coworkers outside of the day-to-day. We always have a great turnout, from C-level and the management team all the way to interns, and we have a lot of different departments in our office, so these activities also give the chance to build relationships with other people internally.”

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s about the people they’re helping, and the feedback from those receiving their aid confirms their impact. “We host an Adopt-a-Family program during the holidays, and last year I went to deliver the gifts to the family’s house. They were overjoyed to know their children would have presents under the tree come Christmas morning. Meeting them and seeing how much it meant to them, really made me take a step back and remember to always put things in perspective. We got a card after, expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the gifts they received along with a picture the daughter colored from her new coloring book.”





“Having something that’s bigger than you that you can be a part of and give back to others, it’s a great feeling.”

Mallori Ferguson  ·  Executive Assistant at North American Properties
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