Our purpose keeps us focused. Our people drive us to always do better. These values ground and direct us, and always have, since 1954.


Relationships with our associates, our investors, our business partners, and our communities are at the very core of what we do. We trust, respect, and believe in each other. The pursuit of strong, respectful partnerships is vital to our success.


We think and act like owners. We create value for our investors, partners, associates, and communities through new development, and we re-invest in our legacy properties to maximize long-term value. We are committed, accountable, and proud of what we do and how we do it.


Our size and financial strength allow us to quickly move and adapt to the changing needs of the market and the customer. We know that the difference between stagnation and transformation can be a single timely decision.

Strength & Stability

We are investors in the traditional sense, investing our own capital in every project. With a thoughtful, deliberate, and strategic mindset, we boldly invest in the future of our communities.

Courage & Creativity

We embrace our entrepreneurial spirit and challenge the status quo. We create solutions before there’s a problem; find ideas before there are opportunities.


Independence and initiative are the core principles, firmly rooted in our foundation. With the individual opportunity to stretch, we collectively grow.


We are honest, fair, forthright, and never afraid to do the right thing for the right reason.

Our Values in Action


Kurt Heinbecker embraces a challenge.

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Avalon Avalon redefines mixed-use.

Alpharetta, Georgia
ESTD 1954
We develop multifamily, mixed-use, office, student housing, hotel and retail environments all over the US. We’ve done it with stability, strength, and a singular focus on people and the way places affect them since 1954.
Developing a Better World