Andrew Wullenweber

Accounting Manager, Compliance, NAP Executive Staff


Andrew Wullenweber oversees accounting for North American Properties’ investment side of the business, which is made up of a diverse and growing collection of real estate investments. He enjoys the challenge of working with a range of investments, from professional sports teams to a regional fast-food chain.

Andrew first joined NAP in 2014 as an intern. After graduating from Xavier University’s Williams College of Business in 2016 with a degree in Accounting, he worked in the financial services industry before deciding to return to the excitement and culture he enjoyed at NAP. He rejoined the company as a Staff Accountant before being promoted to the senior level in 2019, and accepting the role of Accounting Manager in 2021.

Beyond NAP, he enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family and playing sports. He stays active in the community and has coached several different recreational basketball teams over the years. He feels fortunate to represent the Williams College of Business by carrying out the business of the Williams family each and every day.



Andrew Wullenweber, Accounting Manager, Compliance

[email protected]

(513) 725-3839


212 E. Third Street, Suite 300 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202