NAP Ft. Myers

Developing the
Cornerstones of

When you stop by the supermarket you're likely stepping into one of our latest projects. We develop Publix-anchored centers in fast growing Florida communities.

Our Focus

Publix-anchored retail centers

Our approach

Develop from the ground up and manage directly

Value to the community

Fueling growth by providing access to the businesses people love and depend on

Featured Properties

Why NAP Ft. Myers?

Serving communities. Supporting businesses.



We don’t just have the experience, vision and relationships needed for good development — we have the capital to get started and see it through to completion.



We’ve developed and managed more than a third of the region’s Publix-anchored centers with a keen insight for prime locations, optimal layout, and architectural style that blends seamlessly into the distinct style of each community.



Our tight-knit team is built for direct involvement and empowered for fast decision-making. We keep things simple, agile, and focused on serving tenants and their customers.

NAP Ft. Myers Team

NAP Headshot_0001_Dale

Dale Hafele

Managing Partner, Ft. Myers

Sue Sprehn

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Turner

Vice President, Development