Dale Hafele

Managing Partner, Ft. Myers, NAP Ft. Myers

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Building a purpose driven company reaching across the Southeast

For more than 30 years, Dale Hafele has devoted himself to North American Properties and helped build the purpose-driven company you see today from the ground up.

As a Managing Partner of North American Properties Southeast, he passionately works to bolster the Florida real estate market and create fresh, inventive communities. Under Dale’s leadership, the Florida office has developed more than 3.8 million square feet of commercial space and entitled and permitted approximately 300 acres of multi-use projects. Dale and his team have been influential in transforming some of the busiest and fastest-growing areas in Florida, and he is passionate about bringing much-needed retail services to blossoming new trade regions.

Working with the community every step of the way, Dale is dedicated to matching each of his projects seamlessly into the existing fabric of the place so that it is meaningful and provides a purpose for the people who live there and depend on it. Dale and his team have opened 25 Publix-anchored centers throughout Florida, transforming communities like Lakewood Ranch and Starkey Ranch on the state’s west coast. Another great example of Dale’s careful work is the Target-anchored center at Fenway South in Fort Myers, which was designed to match the Boston Red Sox Spring training ballpark aesthetic.

Since 1985, Dale has been involved in development, administration and financing of real estate activities for North American Properties. Before NAP, Dale spent five years with Deloitte. Dale is a member of ICSC (the International Council of Shopping Centers).

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Dale Hafele, Managing Partner, Ft. Myers

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(239) 938-3310


12561 New Brittany Blvd, Fort Myers, FL 33907