Communities Need Strong Businesses

Outside of traditional real estate development, we seek investment opportunities and form active partnerships with visionary leaders to build strong businesses.

We partner with strong leaders who share our values and a similar sense of contribution to society.

Whether it’s stewarding an iconic brand like the Reds or Skyline Chili, or launching a brand new venture, we roll up our sleeves and do the work so our partners can succeed.


Portfolio Companies

We Are Active Investors

In addition to financial capital, the NAP team takes an active role in decision-making, strategy, and execution. Our approach is three-fold:


We Establish Deep Partnerships

This is about more than just a financial investment. The NAP team is committed to investing time, energy, focus, and expertise into guiding our partner companies to new levels of growth.


We Empower Principled Leaders

NAP is a tight-knit team with the ability to make thoughtful decisions quickly and then provide behind-the-scenes operational support so courageous founders can lead the way.


We Elevate the Perspective

It's easy to get lost in the details and take your eye off the big picture. We always focus on long-term value creation, stewarding iconic brands, and nurturing relationships of trust.