Henry McCabe

Project Manager, NAP Space Coast


Henry was introduced to building through a labor job for a neighbor’s residential construction company during the summers in high school and college. Though he majored in mechanical engineering in college, he decided to get an internship at a large commercial construction company because he liked the hands-on approach to construction. A natural problem-solver, Henry appreciates the complexity that’s integral to construction and feels immense satisfaction in being part of a project from start to finish. He has worked on a variety of buildings, from hospitals to data centers.

Henry is currently working with the construction team for the LUNA apartment complex in Viera, FL. As a project manager, Henry plays a supporting role to the senior management on the project. His responsibilities include developing and monitoring the budget and schedule; tracking and distributing project documents; identifying and resolving design conflicts; managing material procurement; and reviewing schedule and cost ramifications with the team.

Henry is an avid outdoorsman and sportsman. Growing up in Central Florida, he appreciates all the outdoor opportunities the state has to offer. Henry is an eagle scout and his passion is conservation. He looks forward to making an impact in the community he was raised in.



Henry McCabe, Project Manager

[email protected]

(850) 848-8625


1900 Hickory St., Suite B, Melbourne, Florida 32901