Dan Shannon

Project Superintendent, Multifamily, NAP Cincinnati

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Dan Shannon has been in the construction business since he graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1975. Starting out in historical renovation, then single family home building and site development, and then onto apartment building, he has been interested to learn the intricacies of each phase of project planning, building and management.

Along the way, he’s learned that everything is best accomplished as a team that pulls together all its resources, utilizes the strengths of its individual members, and adapts to the circumstances that are sure to arise.

As a lifelong Cincinnatian, he feels lucky to be surrounded by his extended family and lifelong friends, enjoying the cultural features of the city. Whether playing golf with his son, brothers, or friends, he has a sense of satisfaction in the community they all share and are continuing to build.

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Dan Shannon, Project Superintendent, Multifamily

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212 E. Third Street, Suite 300 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202